Apply for IPW/ISPW Membership

The IPW is a membership organisation with interested parties paying an annual subscription to be a member - as well as maintaining certain levels of CPD qualifications.

The IPW/ISPW requires this information to fulfil all the services we are able to provide to you as a Member. We will ensure all personal data is kept securely within IPW/ISPW. However, please note some personal data will be shared with the third parties (such as IT service providers, website and database providers and IPW/ISPW group insurers) who have controls in place to ensure your data is securely processed.

We will process your personal information to provide you with news and information about what is happening both within the Institute and within the profession, and to let you know about appropriate events and courses that may be of interest to you together with the IPW/ISPW Journal.

Contact Preferences

We will not retain your information for longer than is required, and it will be disposed of in line with our retention policy. If you would like to discuss this statement or require our full privacy notice please contact the office on 0345 257 2570 or email jackie.morton@ipw.org.uk.

Information Sharing

The Institute may share information with those listed below. Could you please indicate your consent with whom we can share your information and from whom you wish to receive information by ticking the appropriate boxes below:

It is unlawful in the provision of businesses and services, to discriminate directly or indirectly on the grounds of sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, race, colour, and ethnic national origin and religion, belief, including philosophical belief, age or disability. The IPW as a responsible and ethical Not for Profit Member Organisation undertakes to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and in so doing if you require reasonable adjustments to assist you in completing this form please contact deb.wright@ipw.org.uk. If the reasonable adjustment requires external intervention, any cost, if a cost is incurred, will be borne by the Applicant and not the IPW.

Personal Details

Business Details

Number of people contracted to work in the business:

Date of commencement of your willwriting business (if already trading)

Give details of any previous Willwriting services in which you have been involved and in what capacity

Please give details of your current system for producing Wills, including names of software packages used

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance of at least £2,000,000 for each are requirements of Membership. Please give details below.

If you are offering Lifetime Trusts to your clients, please advise of the regulated body who will be undertaking the drafting of the Trusts

If you answer Yes to any of the following 4 questions, please give details:

Have any Court Judgements or Bankruptcy proceedings been instigated against you?

Have you ever been convicted of any offence (other than motoring offences)?

Have you ever been disqualified from being a Director or been a Director of a business that ceased trading, either voluntarily or through the actions of its creditors?

Have you been subject to any complaints or disciplinary proceedings by the IPW or any other professional organisation?


Please supply the names and addresses of two referees who should have known you for at least two years. They should not be from the same employer or workplace as you and should not be relatives.

Why you wish to become a member of the Institute

Please give details of why you wish to become a member of the Institute

Consent and Signature

  • I apply for membership of the Institute and declare that the information supplied is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I acknowledge that the IPW require a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate.
  • I will provide my CV (including certificates if already suitably qualified – see separate leaflet ‘Education and Training Requirements’).
  • I will provide a copy of my current Professional Indemnity and Public liability insurance certificates (if applicable).
  • I have paid my membership fee of £300.00 by debit/credit card or by bank transfer to the IPW:  Sort code: 30-64-10, Account no: 37136960

  • I understand that Full membership is conditional upon success in the entrance examination (if applicable) and receipt of satisfactory references, membership fee, satisfactory DBS disclosure certificate, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance of at least £2,000,000 for each and compliance with the IPW/IPSW Code of Practice. I declare that the information given on this form is accurate and understand that failure to provide full and accurate information may result in my application being declined or my membership of the IPW/ISPW being terminated.

Qualifications and Experience

Please list fully your educational and professional qualifications

Please give details of positions held over the last 10 years, beginning with the most recent:

What Will Writing Training/Experience have you received to date and from whom?


The final step is to make sure that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions below.