IPW Discuss Benefits Of Joining An Industry Organisation

Posted: Thursday, 23 May 2019 @ 11:27
IPW Established members of professional organisations will already be aware of the innate benefits that can be enjoyed. Whilst many businesses may approach an organisation like the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) or Institute of Scottish Professional Willwirters (ISPW) with a specific motive in mind, potential members looking to join will be surprised by the immeasurable advantages joining the leading organisation in Wills and Estate Planning will have on their business.

Respect and Influence

The IPW and ISPW are recognised throughout the sector as leading organisations in Wills and Estate Planning.

Our members ensure that the services they provide are delivered professionally, ethically and competently. The fact that the Institute is able to boast an Approved Code digital badge from the  Chartered Trading Standards Institute highlights the quality of the service which Institute members provide.

When 100% of customers rate member services as at least ‘very good’ with 95% considering the work carried out to be ‘excellent,’ Institute membership is lauded as a symbol of excellence by industry regulators and clients alike.

Training and Education

The continuing professional development courses and sector introductory courses offered by the Institute’s training provider, the Willwriting Academy Ltd, are widely considered to be unparalleled in terms of the depth and quality of the content covered and issues considered.


The old adage of ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ springs to mind here. The Institute actively encourages member businesses to collaborate, talk and share ideas.

IPW and ISPW regional meetings ensure that members do not have to travel too far to meet other colleagues in person. The Institute’s Annual Conference is also a great way of meeting a multitude of likeminded practitioners who are willing to offer advice and share successes.

Furthermore, the IPW and ISPW web-based members’ forum provides a unique facility for members to discuss problems and sector news with a level of immediacy. Whether members are looking to meet in person or through digital means, the IPW and ISPW will help its members collaborate with colleagues, strengthen ties with industry experts and partners and provide their business with a platform to move to the next level.

Best Practice

The Institute ensures that all members are suitably qualified and experienced before they are offered membership. Our entrance examination is there to protect the reputation and standards our members have built over the years, and we have an alternative route to membership for practitioners who are already fully experienced.

Your business deserves to benefit from the impeccable standards, unmatched expertise and unparalleled client testimonials that IPW and ISPW members consistently enjoy. Click here to start your IPW member journey.