ID Checking Service

Posted: Tuesday, 27 April 2021 @ 13:11

In the past year when we have all been "Zooming" or using Teams, Facetime, Webex or any other video platform to support our clients and our businesses, the question of obtaining suitable ID has been much debated. Even those Members that have been using the telephone to conduct client meetings need to be aware of the need to obtain suitable ID. Membership of the IPW requires the highest standard of professionalism and compliance which has led to us becoming the recognised professional body promoting the profession of Willwriting, and helping Members businesses stand out against competitors.

Keeping up to date, maintaining and improving upon our high standards of compliance is not easy but it is part of who we are regardless of the cost or inconvenience. Take Anti Money Laundering Regulations (AML) for example which have significantly changed since the introduction of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 as in the 5th AML Directive 2020 where professionals are encouraged to use a digital process whenever one is available, but back in 2007 none existed.  

It is not the case that professionals do not want to comply but more a case of being unaware of increasingly challenging AML legislation and not having a simple, smart solution. In February 2021 one large solicitors practice is still using a manual checking process by getting clients to post in original documents which are then checked by staff untrained in verifying whether a passport or utility bill is real or forged.  

Apart from the inconvenience to clients having to post original documents during lockdown by Royal Mail Special Delivery, for example, a secure method, is a minimum of £12.80 2-ways. Added to that how much time are their staff spending checking these ID’s manually which is an unreliable method anyway, does not reduce their risk and is not conforming with the 5th AMLD?  

A reasonably sized barristers chambers feels that holding a passport up during a Zoom meeting is somehow AML compliant. Is it? Can you honestly say you have checked a screenshot thoroughly and how can you be 100% certain it is authentic? Compliance is not our day job but we are responsible for it none the less and it can be super daunting as the penalties can be high for non-compliance, whether conscious or non-conscious.  

The IPW is constantly researching ways to help members easily achieve higher standards in all areas of business and we are pleased to announce we are teaming up with ID-entity™ to provide members with a complete AML solution.

This includes a proven system providing you with AML compliance training, a certificate and 1 hour CPD, our own IPW branded mobile ID verification app with options for e-signature and always on, reach in/out digital client communications.  

This can be used for clients that want to retrieve documents from your storage vaults, executors wishing to retrieve the Wills of those that have passed away or for any day to day client you see virtually by video or over the 'phone. Make your life and their life easier and be compliant.  

Every time this service is used the IPW receive a small fee which will be used to provide other services for our Members as we look to build residual income streams for the Institute to become more sustainable. You are also at liberty as a business to add your reasonable margin on top to ensure you can act both compliantly and profitably as a business operator. This will be discussed more in depth on the webinar.  

Simplicity for your clients, as the speed of life seems to accelerate all the time and with the problems caused by lockdowns, they want simple, quick, smart ways to get things done. With ID-entity™ they take out their phone, and, with a few taps, complete verification. They don’t want inconvenience to present their ID, simply to receive a service and with speed.

ID-entity™ is a smart, trusted, super simple, identity verification app for professionals who are required to verify a client’s ID.  

Save time, reduce costs, lower risk, improve client experience, ISO 9001 Certified and accredited by HMRC for Regulatory Excellence, it’s probably your best solution.  

We have agreed exclusive lifetime discounted fees for IPW Members but only if you register through the link below, which will take you to our own branded IPW portal.  


All those who register will obtain an exclusive IPW invitation to a "Show me how webinar".

Be compliant and be certain.

Written by Trevor Worth, Council Member and Vice Chair.