Management Team

The Institute is managed by a Council made up of IPW & ISPW Members elected by the Membership for a three-year term.

One of the Council members acts as Chair and a member is also appointed to represent the Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters (ISPW).

The Council have regular meetings to discuss matters facing the IPW/ISPW and its Members. They also run the Annual General Meetings with fellow Member delegates.

All our Council members run their own Will writing businesses and some are also studying for STEP examinations.

Paul Sharpe
IPW/ISPW President & ADR Official
"I have been involved in writing Wills since 1990, joined the IPW in 1993, joined its management team in 1997 and was Chairman from 2000 to 2014. I am still involved in my Will writing business, which means that I experience first-hand the day-to-day trials, tribulations and elations of being a Will writer.
"What is clear to me as a Will writer is that, for my business to survive and thrive, it needs to set itself apart from all of the other firms offering Wills and all the different methods of making a Will. This is why my IPW membership, along with compliance with a TSI Approved Code of Practice, is an essential part of my business strategy – and why I continue to work to set the highest standards for the Institute and its membership." 
Sue Ioannou
IPW/ISPW Chair & Head of Training
"I started my working life in 1982 in The Lord Chancellor’s Department (now the Ministry of Justice). I worked my way up the management chain and in 1992, I became Manager of the London Probate Office which is where my love of Wills began! In 1997, I discovered the IPW and decided to study for their exams to qualify as a professional Will writer. I was admitted as a member in 1998 and became a Fellow in 2009.
"I started my business on a part time basis in 1998. In 2002, I moved out of the Probate Office and became the Training Manager for the Family and Probate Service of England and Wales. During my time in that role, I set up the Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline and was responsible for training the HMRC staff that would cover the helpline.
"In 2005, I obtained a Master’s degree in Strategic Management and then started my qualifications with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). "I became an IPW Trainer in 2004 and have been responsible for identifying, developing and delivering training needs to our members since then. I took up the appointment of Head of Training in late 2016 and have acted as Vice Chair of the IPW since January 2017, having been elected to the Council in 2014.
"I am passionate about the Will writing profession. The most important thing for me is to provide my clients and my trainees with the best possible service and it is extremely rewarding to hear them tell me that I have achieved that. I am proud to be a member of the IPW and to have been elected by the membership to represent them on the Council."  
Robert Phipps
My background is as a radio operator in the Royal Navy and then onto the Kent Police Force. In 1995 I left the Police and acquired various financial planning certificates. Whilst dealing with people's finances I realised many of them had not done wills. At the same time, I spoke to some friends who ran a will writing company in Norfolk. They trained me up to be a Will consultant. In 1999 I decided to stop dealing with financial services and focus purely on Will Writing forming my own company Pembroke Will Writers which was to later become Ltd. I joined the IPW in 2000. The IPW helped me grow, their training was amazing, and their support helped me take a small little one-man band working from my dining room to the business it is today. We now have a shop with 4 full time members of staff and 3 part time members of staff. I honestly believe the IPW was one of the key reasons I was able to take my business forward to the next level. I have joined the council as it is my belief as an organisation, we have lost our way a little. I look forward to working with the new team to making the IPW what it once was. An honest organisation that is totally committed to providing a top-level service to its members, offering training and support above any other organisation, and an organisation that is totally focused on making our industry regulated.
Sarah Williams

 IPW/ispw Vice Chair

I have over 20 years’ experience win the Estate Planning sector having studied Law at the University of Liverpool and the College of Law before working as a Private Client Solicitor in private practice. I then moved in to a more commercially focused role as Company Solicitor and HOLP for a national Will Writing company and subsidiary of Skipton Building Society, managing a national team of over 200 consultants as well as a large legal team involved with drafting volume wills, trusts and LPAs.   For personal reasons I left that role and established Accord Legal Services 8 years ago and have steadily and organically grown my own business to a national provider with a team of consultants operating across the UK. A keen academic I obtained my STEP qualification as well qualifying in Scottish will writing and will happily serve the Scottish IPW members and be involved in the changing legislative landscape across the border.   I am extremely passionate about the Estate planning sector and was privileged to be selected by the Legal Services Board as one of only a handful of fellow experts in the review of regulation of the will writing  industry. I am a campaigner for regulation and recognition of expert will writers. I am dedicated to changing the statistics of our population that do not have Wills and committed to making Estate Planning a talking point rather than something to avoid.   I am determined to make a difference to the IPW and its members for the positive and am really looking forward to working with my fellow council to achieve some big changes.