Management Team

The Institute is managed by a Council made up of IPW Members elected by the Membership for a three-year term.

One of the Council members acts as Chair and a member is also appointed to represent the Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters (ISPW).

The Council have regular meetings to discuss matters facing the IPW and its Members. They also run the Annual General Meetings with fellow Member delegates.

All our Council members run their own Will writing businesses and some are also studying for STEP examinations.

Paul Sharpe
President & ADR Official
"I have been involved in writing Wills since 1990, joined the IPW in 1993, joined its management team in 1997 and was Chairman from 2000 to 2014. I am still involved in my Will writing business, which means that I experience first-hand the day-to-day trials, tribulations and elations of being a Will writer.
"What is clear to me as a Will writer is that, for my business to survive and thrive, it needs to set itself apart from all of the other firms offering Wills and all the different methods of making a Will. This is why my IPW membership, along with compliance with a TSI Approved Code of Practice, is an essential part of my business strategy – and why I continue to work to set the highest standards for the Institute and its membership."
Dennis Gardener
"I have been writing Wills and Estate Planning up in Scotland for over 15 years following a 30+ year career in the hospitality industry, where I always prided myself on giving great customer service. I have brought this over into the people-facing Will writing profession.
"I have a passion for helping people and am always very gratified when clients say I have put their minds at rest and given them a clear understanding and solution.
"It was an honour to be asked to join the Council of the Institute, as the delegate for the ISPW over seven years ago and I take this role very seriously. We help my colleagues in Scotland to have a voice and make sure the ISPW is in the forefront of the legislation and regulation that the Scottish Parliament is pioneering.
"Since taking over the Chairmanship of the whole of the IPW in January from very illustrious forbears, I am determined to keep us at the forefront of the Will writing and Estate Planning profession. Our emphasis is on giving all our clients “piece of mind”, championing the need to look after anyone who feels they may not have had the correct advice and removing any dodgy people from the profession.
"I have recently qualified in English and Welsh Law, as I felt with more of our members south of the border, I had better make sure I understood what they were talking about and the challenges they might ."
Sue Ioannou
Council Member & Head of Training
"I started my working life in 1982 in The Lord Chancellor’s Department (now the Ministry of Justice). I worked my way up the management chain and in 1992, I became Manager of the London Probate Office which is where my love of Wills began! In 1997, I discovered the IPW and decided to study for their exams to qualify as a professional Will writer. I was admitted as a member in 1998 and became a Fellow in 2009.
"I started my business on a part time basis in 1998. In 2002, I moved out of the Probate Office and became the Training Manager for the Family and Probate Service of England and Wales. During my time in that role, I set up the Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline and was responsible for training the HMRC staff that would cover the helpline.
"In 2005, I obtained a Master’s degree in Strategic Management and then started my qualifications with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). "I became an IPW Trainer in 2004 and have been responsible for identifying, developing and delivering training needs to our members since then. I took up the appointment of Head of Training in late 2016 and have acted as Vice Chair of the IPW since January 2017, having been elected to the Council in 2014.
"I am passionate about the Will writing profession. The most important thing for me is to provide my clients and my trainees with the best possible service and it is extremely rewarding to hear them tell me that I have achieved that. I am proud to be a member of the IPW and to have been elected by the membership to represent them on the Council."
Rex Sevier
Council Member & ADR Official
"After 35 years practicing as a personal injuries lawyer, I switched to Will writing in 2000 and I have been a member of the IPW since 2003.
"I am currently drafting Wills for a group of Will writers. I also draft Wills and act as mentor for a number of sponsored members. My aim is always to make sense out of the disorderly and I strongly believe in producing documents in a language which the lay person can readily understand.
"There are many challenging issues at the moment, and I am anxious to help the IPW in its drive for maintaining a high standard of excellence in the profession."
Marcos Kallou
Council Member
"After many years working in the hospitality industry, I took a complete career change in 2003 when I retrained and bought a Will writing franchise. Shortly after that I went on my own and joined the IPW. I believe my hospitality background has given me great grounding in customer service.
"At the time, the IPW’s passion for getting the sector regulated was my main reason for joining them. Their “quality over quantity” approach is what still gives me the passion to remain as a committed member. I became a Regional Co-ordinator a few years ago, was co-opted onto the Council in 2016 and voted on in 2017.
"I feel privileged and honoured to be a member of the IPW, but also to be on its Council. There have been many challenges since 2003 and there will be many more to come going forward. I am excited about what lies ahead, not least in the fight for regulation and for the highest standards. Not all Will writers are the same, but I want to spread the message that IPW members are some of the best. We already have a very envious reputation in the marketplace. We need to build on that.
"I love my work and my clients tell me my passion is always evident. I hope to bring some of that passion to the Council."
Kylie Simmonds-Cox
Council Member & Vice Chair
"My career started in Private Banking nearly 20 years ago, dealing with Wills, Trusts and Estates. In 2004 I joined Trust Inheritance, which since inception has written over 275,000 Wills. I sit on the Board at Trust Inheritance, overseeing the operation of the business.
"I have a real passion for the customer and drive a customer-centric organisation. As a result, I have been nominated for a Customer Service Strategic Leadership Award in 2014 and in 2016 with the Institute of Customer Services.
"I’m a full member of STEP and having successfully completed the Trusts and Estates Diploma and I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) with the University of the West of England (UWE).
"In addition, I sit on the Board at Red Apple Affinity Solutions, developing consumer-facing digital services which are marketed B2B2C.
"I am self-motivated, passionate and enthusiastic in all I undertake, and I hope to demonstrate this through my role on the Council, with a view to creating and adding value wherever I can."
Rhoda Cooper
Council Member
I started my career at 16 when I joined a local Leicester accountancy firm and trained to become a Chartered Certified Accountant. I then moved to a national firm of accountants and spent ten years specialising in private client tax, trusts and estates.
In 2016, I launched my own private client business and later joined the IPW as a member so that I could offer a will writing service to my clients. I joined the IPW due to its reputation in the market and I have not been disappointed. It’s a pleasure to meet other members and compare what works and does not work for our businesses.