Levels of Membership

Within the Insitute, there are a number of different levels, which cater to the individual circumstances of each member.

You can find out how easy it is to become a member by clicking here.

Full Membership (MIPW) (MISPW)

You can reach Full Membership by meeting the following criteria:
  • completing an application form
  • supplying two satisfactory references;
  • supplying a satisfactory criminal records check
  • passing the Institute's entrance examination or qualifying for exemption*
  • subscribing to the Institute's own, or another approved, scheme of Professional Indemnity Insurance
* For further details of exemptions, please see our booklet on Training and Education here.

Fellow Membership (FIPW) (FISPW)

Full members will be invited to become a fellow member if they:
  • have been Full Members of the Institute for at least two years,
  • have been trading in offering Willwriting and/or related services for at least 5 years,
  • have a satisfactory claims record,
  • have not had any complaints upheld under the Code of Practice,
  • have a satisfactory payments record with the IPW and its associated businesses and
  • they have a satisfactory CPD record

Student Membership

You are eligible to become a Student Member if you are studying for the IPW examination but have not yet met the criteria for Full Membership. As a Student Member, you are not required to arrange Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Sponsored Membership (SIPW) (SISPW)

Sponsored membership is available to "instruction takers" who are taking Will instructions on their own behalf. It's important that wills for Sponsored Members are drafted by a Full, Fellow Member of the Institute.

Associate Membership (AIPW) (AISPW)

Associate membership is available to "instruction takers" who are taking Will instructions on behalf of a Full, Fellow, or Sponsored Member of the Institute. This level of membership is available to those in qualifying employment. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for Associate Members is provided under their employer's arrangements.

Retired Membership

This level of membership is available to Full, Fellow and Sponsored Members who no longer practice as Willwriters, but wish to continue Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for the Wills that they have already written.

You can find the conditions of membership within Institute's Constitution – this can be accessed here.