Review a member

Review a member


By choosing a member of the IPW to draft your will, you can be sure it's been completed to the highest standard.

As one of the most understated, yet most important steps in life, consolidating your final wishes will provide you with peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of. Therefore, making sure that it's written by a professional is vital – something guaranteed by choosing the services of an IPW member.

Our clients at the heart of what we do and we're constantly striving to provide them with the highest standard of service.

In order to further help us to improve, we would be grateful if you would take a few moments to tell us about the service that you have received. By completing the short survey you'll be helping both the Institute and its members to monitor and improve the level of service provided to clients just like you.

You can review a member online.

·         Find the firm which completed work for you here.

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·         Once you've found your willwriter, click on 'Review this company'.

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·         You should have also been provided you with a four digit PIN which you'll need to leave your review. If you have not been given a PIN, please contact the firm directly. If you are having trouble to obtain a PIN, please contact us here.

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You can review a member by post.

·         Request a paper questionnaire by contacting us here.

·         Once complete, send to us by using the freepost address provided on the form.


To find the details of a member of the Institute who is local to you, use the contact information below:
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