How to make a complaint

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Ensuring that clients receive the highest standard of service is at the heart of what we do. We're proud to say that our members strive to provide this, exceeding expectation in almost all cases.

In order to maintain these high standards, listening to consumer feedback is vital, especially if the service provided has missed the mark.

That's why if you are unhappy with any aspect of a member's service, they need to know about it. Our members want to rectify any issues for you immediately, as well as taking steps to prevent them from happening in future.

Firstly, please contact the firm concerned. You should be able to find the name and contact details of the professional on the previous documentation you have received.

You can also find their details on our members list by clicking here.

Please give the firm the opportunity to rectify any issues before contacting us or the Estate Planning Arbitration Scheme.

Our Code of Practice requires the firm to acknowledge your issue within 3 working days and will include information about how the issues raised will be dealt with. The firm then has a further 20 days in which to complete an investigation and how they intend to move forward.

If you are unhappy with how they have responded, you are able to take further action.

·         You can refer the matter to the Institute by writing to us.

We will help you and the firm to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. You can find our address here.

·         You can refer the matter to the Estate Planning Arbitration Scheme (EPAS). 

Run by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, EPAS is a completely independent scheme, but bear in mind that you will be required to contribute towards the costs of this process. If you'd like further details on the process, please contact us here.

·         You may pursue the matter through the courts.

Before using any of the above avenues, we advise you to allow the firm to respond to your issues. As well as reducing delay, this also helps to ensure that your issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

To find the details of a member of the Institute who is local to you, use the contact information below:
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