POSTED ON 22nd November 2018 By IPW internet’s exponential explosion is a very new phenomenon. If we were to travel back in time by thirty years, the world would be a very different place. Teenagers were forced to ring their friends on the telephone and were tethered to the line in the hallway to do so. ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ or taping tunes from the radio were the only known ways to make a playlist and the tangible ownership of our belongings made the process of Will writing a lot easier.

However, a recent report, conducted by YouGov, has found that our increased online presence has made the concept of ownership very confusing and ambiguous. According to the report, over a quarter of respondents intend to pass on their social media and online property to a beneficiary after they die.

Additionally, unlike many other forms of social media like Friends Reunited and MySpace, Facebook has sustained, leaving years of our memories locked into it. 26% of people want to pass this on to a trusted person once they die.

Where 67% would like their accounts deleting on their death, 7% would like them to run eternally. These concepts highlight the real problem with online data; who owns it and how can it be transferred after death?

The world is no longer a simple place; Willwriters and experts in Estate Planning need to be aware of these niche factors that will affect lots of estates in the future.

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Additionally, if you are struggling to help a client, the Institute’s Members’ forum is a collaborative space to share best practice and ask the important questions.

Becoming a member will solidify your expertise in the important issues within the sector, whilst also allowing you to integrate yourself into a supportive community of likeminded professionals.

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