Meet the Management Team

Meet the management team

The Institute is managed by a team of up to 9 representatives from the membership who are elected by the membership for a 3 year term and then stand for re-election if they wish. One of those elected is appointed to represent the Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters.

Paul Sharpe

I have been involved in writing Wills since 1990, joined the IPW in 1993, joined its management team in 1997 and was Chairman from 2000 - 2014. I am still involved in my Willwriting business which means that I experience first-hand the day to day trials, tribulations and elations of being a Willwriter.

What is clear to me as a Willwriter is that for my business to survive and thrive it, needs to set itself apart from all of the other firms offering Wills and all the different methods of making a Will. Which is why my IPW membership, along with compliance with a TSI Approved Code of Practice is an essential part of my business strategy – and why I continue to work to set the highest standards for the Institute and its membership.

Dennis Gardener

I have been writing Wills and Estate Planning up in Scotland for over thirteen years following a 30+ year career in the hospitality industry where I always prided myself on giving great customer service. I have brought this over into the people facing Willwriting profession.

I have a passion for helping people and am always very gratified when clients say I have put their minds at rest and given them a clear understanding and solution.

It was an honour to be asked to join the council of the Institute as the delegate for the ISPW over seven years ago and I take this role very seriously, helping my colleagues in Scotland to have a voice and making sure the ISPW is in the forefront of the legislation and regulation that the Scottish Parliament is pioneering. Since taking over the Chairmanship of the whole of the IPW in January from very illustrious forbears, I am determined to keep us at the forefront of the Willwriting and Estate planning profession with our emphasis on giving all our clients “piece of mind” and championing the need to look after anyone who feels they may not have had the correct advise and removing any dodgy people from the profession.. I have recently qualified in English and Welsh Law as I felt with more of our members south of the border I had better make sure I understood what they were talking about and the challenges they might be facing.

Rob Abell
Council Member

My professional career began as a Chartered Management Accountant in manufacturing and we all know where that industry went - overseas. Fortunately for me the migration to Willwriting and estate planning has been a logical one having strong analytical skills to fall back on. Starting any new career or venture is an uphill battle and after three years of running my own company I can see the light, in fact it has been a thrilling life changing experience! As a newbie, I understand the challenges new members face and still have a way to go myself if I am to catch up with some of the more experienced members. Seeing the effort that goes on behind the scenes as a Council member has been an eye opener that makes me proud to be able to make a contribution to its integrity and future.

Rex Sevier
Council Member

After 35 years practising as a personal injuries lawyer, I switched to Willwriting in 2000 and I have been a member of the IPW since 2003.

I am currently drafting wills for a group of Willwriters and I also draft Wills, and act as mentor, for a number of sponsored members. My aim is always to make sense out of the disorderly and I strongly believe in producing documents in a language which the lay person can readily understand.

There are many challenging issues at the moment, and I am anxious to help the IPW in its drive for maintaining a high standard of excellence in the profession.

Sue Ioannou
Council Member & Vice Chair
Kylie Simmonds
Council Member
Marcos Kallou
Council Member